The Shocking Price of Looking Good

Health, wellness and beauty costs
How much money do you burn on beauty?

If you’re like most people, you have an arsenal of beauty products that you can’t live without and you’ve likely tried at least one diet product in your life. You are also likely pulled in by ads that promise you’ll look incredible with this amazing skin care cream, or sexier than ever before if you simply drink this vile concoction twice a day… While it’s only natural to want to look great, have you ever wondered what kind of money goes into looking good? It may shock you.

Beauty and cost
The real cost of health, wellness and beauty.

Health and Wellness Poised to Become a Trillion Dollar Industry

You read that correctly: a trillion. dollar. industry. While there are several categories that encompass health and wellness, that’s a shocking number to see in print, especially since the bulk of products and services are “quick-fix” promises that don’t actually provide quantifiable results. To break it down a little, check out some of these figures:

Anti-aging and beauty products: $679 billion annually
Mind and body fitness: $390 billion annually
Weight loss products: $277 billion annually
Fitness wear (yes, just the clothing!): $30 billion annually

While these expenditures are generally thought of as money spent by women on beauty, it may also surprise you to learn that men’s beauty is an exploding market with nearly $50 billion in sales last year on products specifically designed for men.

Healthy diet versus health & wellness products
We spend on instant fixes, but comparatively little on what’s proven.

 Putting things into Perspective

Everyone knows deep down that the only true path to health & wellness, and beauty that isn’t manufactured is through a healthy lifestyle. The allure of the quick route or instant success however, far outweighs the discipline, work and time it takes to do it naturally. You’ll often hear that a healthy diet is just not in the budget, or exercise is too expensive. You might even have a few of your own excuses to add to the fray. With the health and wellness industry rapidly heading towards becoming a trillion dollar industry, would it surprise you to learn that total grocery and retail food sales in the US and Canada reach barely over $5 trillion? That’s a little food for thought.