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Abstract Reveries is a little self-indulgence for me, Tami McVey. Since 2009 I’ve created content for a variety of business and agency clients; literally thousands of pieces and while I love what I do, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for me to express myself. When you tell people you’re a writer, they want to read what you write or see where it’s published and with the type of work I do, that’s usually not possible without breaching confidentiality agreements, so here you are! You’re at that place where I do what I do…

Food Forays was a recipe-focused blog I started in 2009 and ran until 2015. I love food, but having the blog, developing the recipes and writing an associated newspaper column all while writing for my clients got to be a little too much for my waistline and my time. I miss the fun side of having that blog though so in this one, you’ll likely find recipes from time to time, but true to its meaning, Abstract Reveries is likely to run the gamut of topics. I hope you enjoy the read!