Banishing the Blank Page

Banish the Blank Page
Photo by Oli Dale

As a writer, there is little that is as daunting as a blank page. If you aren’t the writing kind, you might think having your stomach tie up in knots and your brain freezing at the sight of an empty page to be a little odd. Actually, I am a writer and I find it a little odd, but it happens. While I was thinking up the concept of this blog and getting it set up I had tons of things flying through my head I couldn’t wait to write, yet here I am: creating a post to create a post!

The good news is that with the blank page banished, topics with substance will follow. As a copywriter, I do a lot of research to make sure I sound like I know what I’m talking about and I stumble across a LOT of really neat things (my Google ads are quite the crazy mix) that I’d love to share and I plan to do that here as well as share things that you might find helpful in your daily life or career. I can’t promise you one subject that will be the main offering here; there are likely to be a range but I hope you’ll follow along and enjoy the journey with me.